Chattoir Editoriale

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Chattoir Editorials was founded in April 2017.
We publish articles and Interviews from different countries.
Our goals:
 - to discover talented people and publish some of their writings or other creations in order to bring their talents into the attention of more people.
 - to publish exciting articles and invite people to leave comments and debate.
  -to publish interesting or funny true stories received from people
 - to present interviews of artists and people from different areas of activity from whom we all have something to learn.

The Interviews are not very conventional.
An Interview should capture the very essence of one’s personality so that, when the person shows the interview to his friends, fans and other people, it is as if he/she would say: “Look, this is the way I am, with all my complexity which I neither have to explain nor to excuse, I am not just a prizes or medals winner, not just a vegetarian, not just a singer, not just an actor or an engineer or whatever. You take me as I am or leave me alone”

We have read so many stereotype interviews where public figures were given a certain number of standard questions to answer to. By that, the Interviewer shows that he rather knows nothing about that person and he doesn’t care much about him or her.  Each name is just a name on a list of hundreds of names, just useful to enrich his website's activity.
The target of the Chattoir Interviews is to make popularity and a good reputation not by the number of people questioned but by the quality. Those who don’t feel able to answer to all of our questions will probably give up, so it will be no Interview of him or her published within our Editorials. We prefer this situation than publishing boring interviews where there is nothing to learn from.

We also don’t find appropriate to ask the same number of questions to everyone. People are not soldiers. For us, every individual is unique and his story is unique, too.
Wouldn’t you like to know what the philosophy of a musician, a cosmetician, a doctor, a painter, a TV presenter, an actor or a film director is? Aren't you curious to know what do they do, what do they like, what do they eat or else?
We don’t think that people are interesting or less interesting according to the profession. For many of them, the profession was just a choice out of many other options and talents, it was just a role to play.

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