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Interviu Chattoir cu Aria Artis

în Interviuri la 14 February 2018
Interviu Chattoir cu o pictorita. "(...) Arta inseamna pentru mine libertate totala, nu numai de a-ti aduce in lumina trairile, gindurile, ideile, lumea interioara, ci si de a crea, prelucra, modifica realitatea" Aria Artis
Yulia Berry

Chattoir Interview with Ivajla Kirova

în Interviuri la 26 July 2017
"I think I am a strong-willed and honest person - I always say what I think, whether people like it or not. I always go my own way and not the one that people want me to." Ivajla Kirova
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Chattoir Interview with Friedgard Thoma (in German)

în Interviuri la 24 July 2017
Chattoir Interview with Cioran's last love. In 1982, Friedgard Thoma, a teacher of philosophy from Cologne wrote a letter of admiration to Emil Cioran. He responded and invited her to Paris where they met in person. Later, she put the whole story into a book. In 2010 Friedgard sent me her book to Montreal. I sent her a list of questions. I inserted here my questions and her answers the way I received them from her. I did not make any corrections.