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Mirela Paduraru

Chattoir Interview with Dana Tudor

în Interviuri la 17 November 2017
"My curiosity, enthusiasm and passion to discover people’s talents as resources pushed me every day to really look and listen to the person in front of me in order to discover his / her inner treasures" Dana Tudor
Yulia Berry

în Interviuri la 19 October 2017
Yulia Berry

în Interviuri la 04 October 2017
Yulia Berry

în Video-Interviuri la 07 September 2017
Yulia Berry

în Interviuri la 11 August 2017
Yulia Berry

Chattoir Interview with Ivajla Kirova

în Interviuri la 26 July 2017
"I think I am a strong-willed and honest person - I always say what I think, whether people like it or not. I always go my own way and not the one that people want me to." Ivajla Kirova
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Chattoir Interview with Friedgard Thoma (in German)

în Interviuri la 24 July 2017
Chattoir Interview with Cioran's last love. In 1982, Friedgard Thoma, a teacher of philosophy from Cologne wrote a letter of admiration to Emil Cioran. He responded and invited her to Paris where they met in person. Later, she put the whole story into a book. In 2010 Friedgard sent me her book to Montreal. I sent her a list of questions. I inserted here my questions and her answers the way I received them from her. I did not make any corrections.
Yulia Berry

în Interviuri la 21 June 2017
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Interviu Chattoir cu Mirela Paduraru

în Interviuri la 18 June 2017
"Imi place sa vad oameni fericiti si multumiti de ei insisi. Imi place sa ii invat cum sa se priveasca zilnic cu drag in oglinda, cum sa devina mai sanatosi si sa arate tineri mai mult timp." (Mirela Paduraru)
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Interviu Chattoir cu Luiza Cala

în Interviuri la 05 June 2017
"Locul meu de taină este la mine în gând. Este un loc mirific în care mă împodobesc cu puteri nelimitate." Luiza Cala
Yulia Berry
Yulia Berry

Interview with composer Marius Herea

în Interviuri la 01 June 2017
"A composer has the responsibility to renew the styles and bring novelty to the world" Marius Herea